Creating a Meeting

To use Meetings in Sakai, you must first add the tool to your site.  

1. Navigate to the Sakai site where you would like to create your meeting and click on the Meetings tool in the left toolbar.

2. Click on the button labeled "Create Meeting".

Meeting Information

  1. Title: specify the title of the meeting
  2. Description:  enter any information you would like displayed to the attendees when they enter the meeting space
  3. Recording: check if you would like the session to be recorded.
  4. Wait for Moderator: if this box is checked off, attendees will not be able to enter the meeting space until the moderator has entered.
  5. Preupload Presentation: you may upload a presentation prior to entering the meeting. You also have the option of adding additional presentations once you are within the meeting.
  6. Group Sessions: allows you to create a session for a specific group in your site.  This is only possible if you have previously created groups in your site.


Specify who you would like to give meeting access to.

  • All Site Members: allows for everyone in the site to have access
  • User: choose specific individuals from your site participant list who will have access
  • Groups: if you have previously created groups in your site, you can choose which group(s) will have access
  • Role: select a specific role (i.e. Instructor, Student, Teaching Assistant, and Teaching Assistant - whole course) within your site that will have access

Note: If you have decided to add particular people to the meeting (rather than have it open to the entire site) you will be able to select what role each attendee will have upon entering the meeting space (Attendee or Moderator).


Specify if you want the meeting to open and/or close on a specific date and time.  

To make the meeting always available, leave both options unchecked.

Note: if you choose to specify a date and time, you will also have the the option to add the meeting availability to the Course Calendar automatically.


To email meeting participants notifying them of the meeting availability, check "Notify participants".

To attach an iCalendar file to the email, check "Attach iCalendar" then select the reminder.

3. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page. Your new meeting will now be visible in the Meetings tab.