Meetings Overview

"Meetings" in Sakai is the BigBlueButton integration, an open source web conferencing system for online learning.

Meetings enables you to share your audio, video, slides, and chat with students. There is built-in polling which makes it easy to engage students, break-out rooms to facilitate group work, and the ability to record your meetings to make them available for subsequent viewing.

When using the whiteboard tool in Meetings, annotations are automatically displayed back to the students in real-time. Presenters have the ability to zoom, highlight, draw, and write on presentations while also sharing annotation privileges with participants.

Tool Overview

Meetings has different tools to satisfy your webinar needs.  The different layout options that Meetings offers changes the type of tools available as well as the amount of screen space that specific tools use.

Meetings has the following tools:

  • Users: allows you to see who is in the virtual meeting space as well as gives you control on user's ability to use their microphones.  You can also promote users to Presenter or Moderator from this area as well as kick a user out of the meeting space.
  • Webcams: allows you to see the webcams of any of the participants who have enabled it (including yourself).
  • Presentation: allows you to upload, display and manage slideshow presentations.  The Presentation tool has a built-in toolbar from where you can annotate your presentation and use the white-board feature.  You can administer polls from here as well.
  • Chat: use this tool to communicate with your attendees as a group or individually.
  • Closed Caption: allows for real time captioning
  • Shared Notes: this tool can be found in the layout options and allows for all presenters and attendees to take notes in one common place.  Multiple Shared Notes boxes can be added by the presenter.
  • Breakout Rooms: allow for attendee collaboration in smaller groups. Any moderator can place attendees into breakout rooms, monitor their interaction, and end the breakout rooms at any time. They can be recorded just as any other session. Each student in a breakout room has moderator role, which means any student can make themselves presenter and upload a presentation for sharing with other students.

Best Practices During COVID-19

  • Upload PDFs of PowerPoint slides and presentations.

  • Do not share desktop. 

  • Limit the number of participants to 100 users in a conference. 

  • All participants can view the Moderator web camera. 

  • Viewing participant webcams is limited to the Moderator.  Moderator privileges may be passed to other conference participants so that they can share their web camera.   

  • In breakout rooms webcams can be shared among all participants.