Instructor User Guide VoiceThreadCreating VoiceThread Assignments in Sakai

Creating VoiceThread Assignments in Sakai

VoiceThread Assignments are good for a course where each student will need to make more than one VT throughout the course of the semester.  If the VT will not be graded then using the regular VT tool might be better.  If you are the only one making VT, then regular VT tool is better; but if you need to track student participation and/or submission VT Assignments is for you.

The first thing you need to know is that this is NOT done through VT Home but rather through the Lessons page on your Sakai site.

1. Navigate to the Lessons page where you want to create the VoiceThread Assignment.

2. Choose to Add Content. Scroll down until you see VT Assignment.  Choose to Add a new VT Assignment.

3. You can choose a previously created VT Assignment or decide to create a new one.  To create a new one, click on "Add a New VoiceThread Assignment" link.

4. Give the assignment a name and then click on Save at the bottom of that window.

5. This process will create a link on your Lessons page.  Scroll to the area of the Lessons page where it was added and click on it.

6. Click on "Click to Continue to External Tool"

6. Click on "Assignment Builder".

7. Choose what you want your students to do in this assignment: Create a VT, Comment on existing VT or Watch a VT.  "Watch VT" forces student to watch the entire VT - they can’t stop or fast forward.  

8. In the case of asking the students to Submit a Comment or Watch a VoiceThread, you will have to decide whether you want to use an existing VT that you have in your library or if you want to use a pre-existing one.  If you want to create a new one click on "+ Create a New VoiceThread".  If you want to use a pre-existing VT then select the desired VT from your list.

9. In order to create a VoiceThread Assignment

  • input instructions where it says "Assignment description (optional)"
  • input the number of comments that students are required to make (if you have chosen the assignment to be to make a comment)
  • check the settings you want for this assignment.  You must leave the "and share with class" option selected if you want the whole class to have access to the assignment.
  • click Create Assignment. ( Note: This will automatically create an item in Gradebook)

10. A success message will appear.  Click on "Return to Course"

11. Scroll to the top of the next screen and click on "Return to Lessons"

Your VoiceThread Assignment is now ready to be accessed by the students.

Grading VoiceThread Assignments

Once your students have submitted to the assignment you must go into the assignment by clicking on the same link that your students are using to access it.  Now you will see which students have submitted in the upper right-hand portion of the screen. Click on a student's name to grade their submission.

2. Type in the grade or use the up and down arrows on the button found to the right of the grade field to increase or decrease the grade. You will see the comments that this particular student has made below their name.  Click on any of them to play them immediately.

3. Click on the next student submission to grade until all submissions have been reviewed.

Remember that all grades input in the VT Assignment are automatically reported to the Sakai Gradebook (if you have added it to your site).