Moderating Comments

  1. To turn on comment moderation while in Edit mode you can click on the word “Options” and select “Playback Settings”.

2. To enable comment moderation check of the box found to the right of the words “Enable Comment Moderation”.  Then click Save.

3. You can check to make sure it’s turned on by leaving a comment yourself.  After your comment appears on the left-hand side of the screen, when you hover over it, you should see an open eye icon which means the comment is currently visible to all other viewers.

To hide this comment click on the same icon and it will become a closed eye, meaning it is now NOT visible to viewers.

Once viewers start leaving their own comments, the comments will appear greyed out on the left-hand side of the screen and when you hover over each comment you will see the closed eye icon.

Once you have read or listened to the comment you can click on that closed eye icon to make it visible to the rest of the group.