Instructor User Guide VoiceThreadGroups and Secure Sharing

Groups and Secure Sharing

1. Once you are done adding media and comments then you are ready to share.  Click on “Share”.

2. If you have previously signed in from your LMS then you will be able to see the courses in which you are using VT.  If not, you can still share with contacts.  Notice that when you go to the Share screen you are automatically taken to the “Secure” tab.

  • If you’d like to add a contact simply click on the plus sign to add

3. If you click on the “Basic” tab for sharing then you can find the “Link” that you can copy and share publicly (via email, announcement, etc.), an “Embed” code or you can “Post” on Facebook and/or Twitter (you must have an account with those companies first).

  • Please note that when you go to the “Link” you can choose what viewers are allowed to do.  Uncheck the boxes if you do not want people to view and/or comment on your VT.

4. Click on the “Who has access” to review who you have given access to.  In the following example I can see that I my VT is private, shared with me (since I created it) as well as with my course called “Jen’s Practice Site”.  You can also see that I have allowed students in the course to comment.