Instructor User Guide VoiceThreadWhat is VoiceThread and How to Access From Sakai

What is VoiceThread and How to Access From Sakai

VoiceThread (VT) allows you to create multimedia projects for your site that your users can interact with. A VoiceThread is an online presentation that allows people to discuss media by making comments that combine voice, video, or text, and annotations. People participate whenever and wherever they want. We find it especially useful for hybrid and online courses since it allows interaction between the faculty and students as well as between students.

Some possible uses for VoiceThread are:

  • Language learning courses: you can ask your students to create a VoiceThread with audio or video comments so that you can review their pronunciation.  You can also upload a prompt that your students can respond to.
  • Self-evaluation: let students upload their work and self-critique on a VoiceThread.
  • Tracking progress: have students track their progress on a project by documenting versions of their work at various stages.  An expansion of this could be to record your feedback on the student's work.  In the end, they will have a record of their process and your guidance along the way.
  • Formative assessment: collect student work over a period of time and explain to the student how his/her work has improved.

Logging Into VoiceThread From Sakai

Before you log into VoiceThread you must first add it to your list of tools.


1. Navigate to the site you wish to add VoiceThread to. Click on the Site Info tab.


2.  Click on the Manage Tools tab

3. Expand the "Interaction Tools" menu

4. Check the box to the left of VoiceThread.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click on Continue.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the next page and Click on Finish.

7. Click on the newly added VoiceThread tab in the left toolbar.

8. Click on the button that says "Press to Continue to External Tool".

9. This will take you to a set-up page where you will choose what your students will see when they access VT on your course site.

You have 3 options:

  • you can choose Course View (in this case the students will only see VT that you have posted for that course or that have been uploaded by fellow students.
  • VT Home which would take students to their own Home page where they could view all VTs they have created or that have been shared with them.
  • you can choose Individual VT in which case you would choose one VT that students will be able to see or

In most cases you will want students to only see VoiceThreads created for just this course site so you can click on Course View.

You are now ready to create VoiceThreads.