Acceptable Use

Use of Sakai is covered by the Rutgers Acceptable Use Policy. This defines basic policies for using Information Technology at Rutgers. It covers items such as proper use, abiding by copyright, and protecting privacy and personal rights of others.

Possible policy violations involving Sakai may be reported to [email protected]. The general Rutgers address for reporting problems, including things such as spam from Rutgers systems, is [email protected].

Additional computer-related policies are available on the OIT policy web page.

The basic privacy policy covering Sakai is the OIT Campus Division Joint Privacy Policy. However, that policy assumes that access to user information will occur only due to requests from the user. In Sakai, we find that many reports of problems come through the instructor or other site owner. We may look at records of user interaction with Sakai in order to deal with reports from an instructor or site owner that someone in their site has had problems. We will only tell instructors or site owners information related to user activity in their site. Sakai allows users to define privacy levels within a site. This can be found in the Sakai Privacy Options page.

When you make material available through Sakai, make sure that you have permission from the author or copyright holder. For more information about copyright and other intellectual property matters, see the Copyright and Intellectual Property Information maintained by the Rutgers University Libraries.

Sakai currently has a limit of 1 GB per site, however that can be increased by contacting [email protected]. We believe we can handle somewhat more space (at least 5 GB per user), but we would like to be notified of large projects so we can effectively manage the total space available to all users.

Please also notify us if you expect to put video or audio recordings on your site, so we can monitor the impact of this kind of material on resources. We're not trying to discourage you from doing this; we just want to be aware of what is happening.