Instructor User Guide Tests and QuizzesFAC - T&Q - How do I set up Respondus Lockdown Browser for an assessment?

FAC - T&Q - How do I set up Respondus Lockdown Browser for an assessment?

This document will explain:

  • the purpose and features of Respondus Lockdown Browser
  • how to enable and disable Respondus Lockdown Browser in an assessment
  • frequently asked questions regarding student usage

What is Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLB) is a specialized internet browser you can have your students download and install that includes special features that allow for more increased security when taking an online assessment.

Once you activate the RLB option in your individual assessment, students will not be able to take the assessment without downloading the browser and accessing the test within the browser.

What are the features of Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Here are some of the examples of what students cannot do when using Respondus Lockdown Browser:

  • print
  • copy
  • access other applications or programs
  • use keystrokes combinations
  • take screenshots, print screens, or share screens
  • use the function keys
  • use the right click menu
  • go to another URL - Links to other web servers will not compromise the testing environment.
  • use the Start button (Windows), system tray, and menu bars
  • use messaging programs
  • close the assessment until the assessment is submitted for grading

The browser's toolbar includes only Forward, Back, Refresh, and Stop functions.

Assessments will be shown in full-screen and cannot be minimized, resized, or exited until the assessment is submitted for grading.


How do I set up my assessment to use Respondus Lockdown Browser?

How do I set up my assessment to use Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Log in and access your Sakai course. Click on the Tests and Quizzes tool.

Go to the assessment to which you wish to add the Respondus Lockdown browser option.

If the assessment is not yet published, go to the Working Copies section to find the assessment.

If the assessment is already published, go to the Published Copies section to find the assessment.

Next to the assessment you wish to edit, click the dropdown and select the Settings option.

Under the Availability and Submissions menu, find the Ensure Students Take Exams From Specific Location option and click it.

In the Ensure Students Take Exam From Specific Location, find the section labeled Required Locked Browser.

The option is automatically selected as None. Select Respondus Lockdown Browser option.

The Exit Password selection is optional. This feature requires students to enter a password to exit the assessment.

Click Save to enable Respondus Lockdown Browser.

To disable Respondus Lockdown Browser, go back into the same setttings as outlined above and select None and save the settings.


What does it look like for students when they try to access the assessment?

For more information on the student view using Respondus Lockdown Browser, please see STU - T&Q - How do I use Respondus Lockdown Browser to take an assessment?

How should I best prepare my students to use Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Prior to the first assessment for the course, create and have students complete a practice assessment in which you have enabled Respondus Lockdown Browser to make sure they are able to download, install, and use it properly.

What if one or a group of my students cannot use Respondus Lockdown Browser?

You would need to open another instance of the assessment just for the student. Please see T&Q - How do I set up a special instance of a test for a student or group of students?