How to Edit Captions

Select Actions, then select Edit.

Select Captions located below the video.

Select Edit Captions which would be located on the right corner.

Select text where you want captioning to be edited.

When editing is complete, click Save on the top right corner of the page.

Edit Caption Options

1. Captions

2. Search in Caption: Type in key word to search

3. Replace with: Search word and type in new word to replace . Then click Replace to replace the word.

4. Add Speaker to select item: By select the checkboxes next to the captions, and typing into the box the name of the speaker. Then select Add to add the speaker's name.

1. To set caption as default (if more than one caption).

2. To edit a particular caption

3. Delete caption.

4. Download caption.

5. Hide caption to not display on player

Note: it is recommended for instructors to hide low accuracy captioning until video is edited and reviewed.