Allow Extended Time

If students present you with Letters of Accommodation from Disability Services that require you to allow extended time for testing, you should modify your Sakai Tests & Quizzes for those students.

Step 1 - Create a group for the student(s) that require extra time

  • Please follow these steps for Creating a Group
  • Give the new student group a Title (e.g., Ext.Time or "student name - ext time)
  • Select the student(s) who required extended time from the Site Member List and click the > arrow to move the student(s) into the Group Member List

Step 2 - Duplicate the existing assessment

From the Tests & Quizzes tool home screen, choose the "Duplicate" option in the drop-down menu for the quiz you would like to copy.

Be sure that you are in the Working Copies tab, otherwise, you will not see the duplicate option.

Click "Duplicate" to confirm

Edit the Settings

  • From the Tests & Quizzes tool home screen, locate the duplicated assessment.  It will have the original name with "Copy #1" appended at the end.
  • Click the drop-down menu and select "Settings"

From the "Availability and Submissions" section, click the drop-down menu for "Assessment Released to" and choose "Selected Groups"


Check the box for the extra time group you created in the previous step.  

Check the box for "time limit" and change the time to the appropriate  extended time (e.g., if accommodation is 150% time, change 20 minutes  to 30 minutes or one hour 30 minutes to two hours 15 minutes)

NOTE:  Under "Grading and Feedback", do not set this assessment to send to the gradebook.  For the Gradebook to calculate properly, it must see all  the students grades attached to the ORIGINAL quiz. After the quizzes are  graded, you should transcribe the ext.time students scores to the original quiz. To do this, record the students scores from the ext.time quiz (from  Published Copies tab, choose "Scores" from Select Action menu). Then, from the Published Copies tab, choose "Scores" for the ORIGINAL quiz. Find the student(s) from the ext.time group and record their scores in the adjustment box; click "Update".

Click the "About this Assessment" tab and change the title of the assessment.  For example, you may simply remove the "Copy #1`" and replace it with extended time.


  • Click "Save and Publish"
  • Confirm your selction

Visibility of the Extended Time Assessment

Only the student(s) in the group can see this new quiz; however, they can also see the original quiz. Hence, you must inform the students who require accommodations to take the assessment labeled for extended time. YOu should assure them that only students requiring additional time will see these quizzes.